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  • Currently ANTONIO BIAGGI partnership conditions take up leading positions among FASHION companies in the “mid-price/mid-price plus” segment, the most attractive from the competitive environment point of view.

    The company offers two main cooperation formats:

    •             FRANCHISING


    Choice of partnership terms depends on desire, capabilities and entrepreneurs’ experience ready to enter into cooperation with ANTONIO BIAGGI. Independent of the selected conditions the Company guarantees “transparency” of relationships and efficient assistance.

    Main success factors of ANTONIO BIAGGI FRANCHISING:

    •             balanced offering - competitive shoes and accessories’ collections;

    •             clear and demanded Italian design of the product;

    •             effective business management technologies;

    •             contemporary, stylish and comfortable shop.

    High marginal values allow opening ANTONIO BIAGGI shops in the best trading venues of the city, which in its turn, guarantees stable profit and fast return on investment for the project – up to 18 months.

    ANTONIO BIAGGI offers its franchisees integrated support during all cooperation stages. Developed business processes of the company are scaled to Partners’ activity: up-to-date merchandise distribution, pricing and sales management, high quality recruitment techniques and personnel training, media planning and PR.

    Starting from 2015 ANTONIOBIAGGI offers unique partnership conditions in the format of INVESTMENT FRANCHISING, based on globally recognized leading investment technologies. ANTONIO BIAGGI developed new cooperation format with participation of the Western investment fund consultants.

    The given conditions will enable ANTONIO BIAGGI partners get stable income of invested funds starting from the first month of the branded shop operation.

    Attractiveness and uniqueness of the given format offer the following advantages:

    ·         Guaranteed income from the first month of the shop operation, which amounts to 17% per annum of the total investment  

    ·         Income increase from year to year of the shop operation without additional investments. Average income of the investor may amount to 30% per annum from total investment after payback period is over  

    ·         Possibility of shared basis contribution in one or in several shops-projects.

    ·         Potential to own business under parent company ANTONIO BIAGGI with income security and return on investment.

    ·         Potential to become a business owner in any region of the Russian Federation or CIS independent of the project investor location.

    To get detailed information and send an application to open a branded shop please contact Head of Development ANTONIO BIAGGI in Russia:

    Alexey Belyaev

     +7 (499) 270-32-22

    +7 (499) 372-08-22

    +7 (926) 115-55-40